torstai 7. maaliskuuta 2013


If you’re one of those people who always fall in to the situation that you’re at the flea market with your friends and everybody else have found such a cool thing except you.  You just haven’t even seen anything worth buying. Everything looks awfull or it feels unpossible to find something among the thousands of things.

I’ve been trying to figure out how to help you because it makes your life pretty much cooler when you’re able to buy second hand. First of all because it’s cheap (REALLY CHEAP) but also enironmentally very friendly. I’ve been going to the flea markets since I can just remember so I’ve basically grown up to that. Now I’ve been agonizing and tried to figure out the solution for this problem. Here are some advises I came up with. I hope they’ll be helpful for some of you!

1.     Prepare for not finding anything. Sometimes it’s just simply nothing to buy, ether because of the prices or simly because there’s nothing nice to take home with you. You should not get sad cause there’ll always be the next time and maybe then you’re luckier. If you have high expectations you easily get dissappointed and you loose the joy of shopping second hand.

2.     Be sure what you’re looking for. If you don’t try to find anything, you propapbly won’t either. When you have a store filled with that muchn stuff and there’s only one of each garment, mostly your eyes are just wandering around not finding anything. For example: this time I need a pair of high waisted jeans. You can even delimit that to ’’white jeans’’. Then your eyes start to see all the white in the store and usually you find what you need. After you have got in to that emotional state, you can find even more cool things. This is something you learn after a long time but it’s not impossible for anyone!

3.     Keep your eyes open and forget all the prejudices , that’s the main thing in the whole world of flea markets.

If something else helpful pumps into my mind I’ll let you know!

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Iris kirjoitti...

Tosi hyvä teksti ja kiinnostava juttu! Ihana toi sun kuvas myöskin:).
Second hand on kyllä ihan paras keksintö;)!
Terkkuja, Iris

Venla kirjoitti...

Tosi kivasti ja hyvin kirjotettu teksti, ja ymmärsin jopa kaiken :D

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