perjantai 1. maaliskuuta 2013


I've been lucky to have a job besides my high school but I just wish I could work more with fashion and on the cultural side. I started the course with fashion marketing in the beginning of February this year and as I've worked on the assignments, I've realized that I could work in a job where I could actually use my real skills. What's even more important, develop my skills for the future. I've got so many ideas in my head but I just don't know how to actualize them or have time for all the work. Like many other in my age  wants to get good grades and graduate with honor, so want I but damn I wish I had more time for the other things too... Why only 24 hours per day?

Have you had any similar thoughts about your life and dreams? You would like to take over the world but you just aren't able to do it. NOT YET.

(Apologies for my weak literacy in English but this is the place where I can work on one of my skills and become better and better for the future.)

Pictures: Me.

2 kommenttia:

Hanna kirjoitti...

sussa on tyyliä sen verran, että varmasti pääset muodin pariin :--)

kirppisvinkkinä mun kaverini kanssa ideoima brunssikirppis Adamsissa !

Fanni Eriikka kirjoitti...

Voi, että kiitos paljon! Toivotaan näin, ainakin aijon kaikkeni tehdä päästäkseni!:) Kiitos vinkistä, me ilmoittauduttiinkin jo mukaan myymään !