maanantai 6. toukokuuta 2013


Even the spring has just arrived here in Helsinki and there aren't that many flowers yet, this couple made my friday feel like in the middle of the summer. Flower-prints, all those colors and of course cute smiley faces were absolutely adorable. I spotted them at the market square, they were from Hong Kong and they've been here for several times already. Especially Ivana Helsinki was one of her favorite designers from Finland. Thank you so much for the pictures!

2 kommenttia:

Bruce Chik kirjoitti...

Hi Fanni, it was nice meeting you in Helsinki. Thanks for sharing our pics on your inspiring blogging site. Let's meet again someday when you travel in Hong Kong (or when we return to Helsinki). Cheers

ariel riviera kirjoitti...

Hauskoja tällaiset kuvat, missä kadulla bongaa inspiroivia tyyppejä! Itsekkin ajatellut seuraavana aurinkoisena päivänä mennä vähän kuvailemaan kadulle :)